Running with the monkeys!

“Hey, where’s Tom been?” … is a question that nobody’s been asking, but I’ll answer it anyways. I’ve been busy with writing in Shanghai, but all is well, Tomsketeers! To everyone’s surprise, I now find myself in Singapore! Yes, the very place where I spent more of my adult life than anywhere else. And here’s…

Talk at Renmin University

Yesterday I gave a seminar at Beijing Normal University, and today I present a forthcoming paper at Renmin. So two talks in two days—exhausting, but an incredible opportunity.  Plus, look at this gorgeous poster! Someone really has a real eye for design.

Wile E. Coyote, Urban Planner

Seen just outside the front gate at Fudan University this morning. And this is in a country where very few people look up from their cell phones while they walk. Granted, the other open manholes were partially blocked by a share bike, but these being share bikes, we can’t be too surprised if someone rides…

Chinese dairy visit

Yesterday I visited a farm in Dali, Yunnan. The big companies buy the milk from farms like this one, which has about 100 head of dairy cattle.


Shanghai is like nowhere in the world. It is one of a very few places that just demands to be written with an exclamation point.

And now I am in it.