Running with the monkeys!

“Hey, where’s Tom been?” … is a question that nobody’s been asking, but I’ll answer it anyways. I’ve been busy with writing in Shanghai, but all is well, Tomsketeers! To everyone’s surprise, I now find myself in Singapore! Yes, the very place where I spent more of my adult life than anywhere else. And here’s…

Talk at Renmin University

Yesterday I gave a seminar at Beijing Normal University, and today I present a forthcoming paper at Renmin. So two talks in two days—exhausting, but an incredible opportunity.  Plus, look at this gorgeous poster! Someone really has a real eye for design.

Ithaca Airport Run!

Run around the airport runway.  Misa had an injury all week, but of course she did great! Tomorrow is the 5&10!  

Anthony Bourdain

There’s been no shortage of bad news recently, but this one really does hit home.

Flounder with kale, almonds and preserved lemons

When I was in high school, Dad bought a liquor store, and I became a liquor store employee. Contrary to popular expectations, being a teenager in a liquor store is not a high road to debauchery. I had to be there first thing in the morning to help with beer deliveries, which also meant cleaning…

The literal picture of irony

Here it is, the actual one. “I refuse to conform to society’s rules, and I express that choice by wearing the blandest consumer items for sale at this mall.” “That’ll show ’em!” From the Westgate Mall in Oxford.

“China’s dairy century,” video online

This talk introduces China’s dairy century as three distinct trajectories: production, consumption and culture. I gave this talk a few months ago, and the nice people at Cornell were kind enough to make a very good recording. Other talks from their “Contemporary China Initiative” series are available on the same page. I’m curious about just…