40 Years of Reform and Opening

As someone who has seen the last 20 years of change, and knows fairly well what things looked like before that, the change is stunning.

Running with the monkeys!

“Hey, where’s Tom been?” … is a question that nobody’s been asking, but I’ll answer it anyways.

Ithaca Airport Run!

Run around the airport runway.  Misa had an injury all week, but of course she did great! Tomorrow is the 5&10!  

Anthony Bourdain

There’s been no shortage of bad news recently, but this one really does hit home.

Flounder with kale, almonds and preserved lemons

When I was in high school, Dad bought a liquor store, and I became a liquor store employee. Contrary to popular expectations, being a teenager in a liquor store is not a high road to debauchery. I had to be there first thing in the morning to help with beer deliveries, which also meant cleaning…

The literal picture of irony

Here it is, the actual one. “I refuse to conform to society’s rules, and I express that choice by wearing the blandest consumer items for sale at this mall.” “That’ll show ’em!” From the Westgate Mall in Oxford.