New projects!

My current project traces a century-long transformation of the economy and society of the Chinese Northeast. This research was the major focus of my recent semester with the History and Anthropology AOE in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Over the past year, I have traveled frequently to the beautiful region of Hulunbuir to collect sources, and interview scholars, cadres, farmers and pastoralists about issues such as rural debt, agrarian collectivization, and the geography of animal markets.

I am currently working on three papers from this project:untitled

The Rise and Fall of the Great Hulunbuir Cattle Drive:

This paper shows how mid-Qing
policy towards the region of Hulunbuir established a distance trade in livestock, and how this trade evolved over the course of the nineteenth century.

Harbin and the Mongolian meat industry: This paper examines the role of commodity trading companies in the development of the export meat industry in Northeast Asia from the 1903 completion of the Russian-owned China Eastern Railway to the 1931 capture of Manchuria by Japan.


Tastes and practices in China’s Milk Industry since 1945: This paper examines the production and consumption of milk in China, with specific reference to the vast expansion of the dairy industry in Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. It tells two stories: the productive transformation of the dairy industry, and the transformation of markets and tastes