Shanghai is like nowhere in the world. It is one of a very few places that just demands to be written with an exclamation point.

And now I am in it.

Ithaca Airport Run!

Run around the airport runway.  Misa had an injury all week, but of course she did great! Tomorrow is the 5&10!  

Beet green and potato frittata

Beets are wonderful things, including the greens, despite the fact that many people throw them out. Do not do that. Do this instead.

Kale chicken saag curry

Some people talk about kale season in the same way they would flu season, or zombie snail season. Even I will admit that getting a giant bunch of kale each week in the community veggie coop does start to test the ol’ culinary creativity

Honey sesame tofu snacks

Ah tofu… Maligned, unloved, and misused, tofu can be wonderful, or it can be awful. But one thing it is this week is cheap. Ten packages for ten dollars at Tops, so guess what we just bought a whole hell of a lot of. Even before that though, I considered it a personal challenge to…


Do you have a sister? I have two, and as luck would have it, they’re both pretty great. Unfortunately, they live pretty far apart, so it’s kind of hard to see them in the same place. So when my little sister in Montana told me that my big sister was coming out from Indiana, and…